Client Guide to Re-Opening

Covid 19 Coronavirus Guidelines Ventura Hair Design Eastleigh

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Keeping You Safe at Ventura Hair Design

Please read this statement FULLY as by booking an appointment with us, you are agreeing to our recently updated Risk Assessments (available on request) and client policies.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to VHD being located inside a Leisure Centre, we must abide by their rules. Unfortunately, we do not have a date for opening but we hope to be open in July. But are currently only booking people from August. We will contact you and book you in from the beginning of July. 

We have been very busy in the salon, and you can read what has been happening behind the scenes in Heidi’s Letter here

Since the shutdown the salon has had a makeover:

  • The salon was stripped bare, re-decorated, sanded, spray painted, deep cleaned and the furniture re-organised for social distancing
  • We have brand new filters in our air handling unit system which bring in 100% fresh air.
  • A mobile partition has been added in-between the hair basins. There will be a further 3 arriving shortly for the reception area. 
  • We have a new and improved Risk Assessment; PPE and our staff have been trained; to say they’re ‘prepped and ready’ is an understatement. 

Better To Be Safe

To reduce infection and to think sensibly for the future, we are splitting our team.  This means our team will be smaller, however, you will see on our website our new temporary hours; which includes opening 7 days a week

  • Time has also had to be built in around each client for deep cleaning.  This means our appointments are longer to allow for the sanitation process. 
  • Your stylist may no longer be working the same shift that you were used to, and they will do 2 different shift patterns, alternating every week.

Appointment Bookings

Heidi will be re-scheduling clients who were previously booked and could not attend, and contacting other regular clients, only then will we be opening the salon for new appointments.

As our team are furloughed, it is only Heidi organising the booking system, we are sure you can appreciate that this is a huge task.  We will be following the below:

  • Loyal and regular clients who did not have an appointment, will then be called and booked. 
  • Finally, the salons booking system will be open to the public to book. 
  • Unfortunately, at this time we are not able to offer children’s cuts, fringe trims or stand-alone consultations until further notice.  We will do your cut consultation at the start of your cut & blow-dry.  Colour consultations and fringe trims will need to be done in a cut & blow-dry appointment and the colour booked at a later date.  If this is becoming an issue, we will try to offer a consultation virtually, this will depend on our schedule.

Please note: The salon will be closed for deep cleaning and shift change between 1400-1500 on Wed/Thurs & Fridays. You cannot book an appointment which overlaps this time. However, the online system WILL let you (annoyingly!) But we would have to cancel it when we spot it.

We will only have time to provide the service that is booked, we cannot overlap clients. For example:

  • If you have foils normally, 99% of you will need a full head of foils and a cut and blow-dry;
  • If you have thick/long hair book that option for both parts as it gives us more time.
  • If you usually have an Olaplex and / or toner or a shadow toner; book full head foils + shadow toner + Olaplex + cut & blow-dry.
  • If you usually have roots tinted, book a full head colour this time. Your ends will most likely need refreshing after this lovely summer so maybe bolt on an Olaplex + definitely a cut and blow-dry.
  • If you normally have a Balayage you will most likely want the soft sun-lightened at least, if not then choose the strong contrasting option, then Olaplex + long/thick cut and blow-dry. (shadow toner is already included in this booking so no need for you to add it).

If you’re still not sure, please e-mail us on with your name in the subject, a current photo of your hair in natural light and an example of how you would like it to look. 

PLEASE NOTE: Due to VHD being located inside a Leisure Centre, we must abide by their rules. Unfortunately, we do not have a date for opening but we hope to be open in July. But are only booking people from August. We will contact you and book you in from the beginning of July. 


When Arriving at the Centre & Your Appointment

  • Please only bring yourself and essential items to your appointment. We cannot have anyone other than yourself in the salon, we are sorry, but we won’t all fit. Please try to leave bags and coats etc in the car.
  • You must be on time, not early and not late. Unfortunately, if you are late; you will still be charged for your appointment but will receive less time. It is vital that the team finishes each client on time. 
  • Upon arrival there will be a one-way system around Places Leisure, the salon door will be open, and an A-Board will request you not to enter until invited. 
  • We will not be able to offer beverages/magazines in the salon. If you would like a coffee, please use the COSTA machine outside on your arrival (if they have it in use).
  • DO bring your own mask, or you will be charged for one, currently at a cost of £1. Please have this on before entering the salon.
  • Your temperature will be checked with a contactless thermometer on arrival.  Sadly, if the reading is high, you will be turned away.
  • Once we confirm your appointment and you have arrived at the right time, you will be invited inside and shown where to place your belongings (please try to limit these where possible).
  • You will wash your hands/use sanitiser and then head to the stylist’s chair. You will then be given a clean gown. No handshakes, or hugs sadly!
  • After the appointment, please remain seated; we will bring the card reader to you – contactless payment is now £45, the machine is fully wiped and cleaned after each use.  We will not be accepting cash, cheques or bank transfer (except for Kayleigh’s extensions). 
  • We can re-book you, but re-booking online would be preferable. 
  • A deposit must be taken at time of booking. This is to ensure we do not experience ‘no shows’ and late cancelations. As you can imagine, this would have a hugely detrimental effect on the salon. This deposit will be taken off the price when paying at end of the appointment. To learn more about deposits, please click here.

We will require 48 hours cancellation notice.

Hair Extensions 

Hair extensions are currently not available at the salon, instead, clients can attend their appointments at Kayleigh’s home.  Please book as normal through the VHD website, Kayleigh will contact you with her details and arrange your appointment.

Pricing and Deposits

yes1Due to the effects of COVID, the limited clients that we will be able to work with and our overheads; including the costs of PPE, cleaning products etc we have looked to our industry and financial experts for advice. 

Therefore, a slight price increase* is in place. You can find our new prices on our website. We are not offering any discounts or promotions until further notice either – this is to protect our staff and our business.  We thank you for your understanding and hope that you can appreciate that our last price increase was Nov 2018.

We will also require a deposit at the time of booking your appointment; the chance of ‘no shows’ is detrimental to our business and our team.  We are sorry to be tough here, and we know many of you have been fabulous through the years, but we need to treat all clients equally.

If you book online, you will not be able to progress without paying a deposit, if you book via phone or face to face, we will ask you to pay by card before we book.  The deposit will be taken off the bill when you pay for the full appointment. We will require 48 hours’ notice if you need to cancel; otherwise you will lose your deposit.  You can leave your deposit on your account as an option for future appointments to reduce your admin / booking time.

Please see our deposit amounts below:

£10 cutting, blow-drying or styling services

£20 for any colour, foils or balayage services

£40 for Kerastraight

If you have more than once service, please pay deposit for all (e.g. Foils and a blow dry would require a £30 deposit).

Important: Please do not attend the salon if you are unwell or know you have been exposed to the virus

Please use common sense and government guidelines if you, or anyone you have been in contact with has any symptoms of COVID19. We would ask you to keep in line with advice and not attend your appointment; if anyone seems unwell, we will unfortunately have to turn you away.


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